Wednesday, September 9

All that is new is old.

Today was a brilliantly beautiful day, a pretty great day to mark a week of Dear Golden being my only job. I worked all morning and then met up with my friend Duff (who so beautifully dons the hat in the first photo) for a little midday sup (and cocktail, unreal!). After we went to this great vintage shop and as we perused the first rack my friend says (in a breathy, tired way), "ohh I just love being around old things..." and that pretty much nails it. All that is new in the shop, is old!


Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Well that is weird! I was just scanning through different blogs (you know the - "next blog" button up on the top) and I came across yours - you have very nice photos - but the picture of the woman, you said was your friend Duff, looks SOOOO familiar! Now could be she has her own blog or something - but I wonder if I know her??? Anyway - it is a small world - and I just thought it would be fun to see if I was right. And I am from St. Joseph, MI, and my name is Diane Carlson. Hope you don't mind me asking this strange question! Anyway - have a good day!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane

reilly said...

She is so cute in that hat!

Purple Deer said...

That skirt is lovely!!!! If I wasn't preggers I would buy it! And the dress is so very "Mad Man" I just see Peggy Olsen being her stiff self in the office with it. Great, great stuff...You are a wonderful inspiration.

kelsea said...

i love that yellow top!! [actually, all the clothes are nice, but that was my favorite] take care :3

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