Sunday, August 23

Ten Things Tag

Megan, of 13Bees has tagged me. Kerri of TenThings has tagged me. I'm going for it! 

1. I love other people's old photographs - I love to look into the past around anyone's life really.

2. When asked my opinion, I am pretty much incapable of lying. Even if I doubt you want to hear what I will say, I must say it, I figure there is just no sense in sugar coating things, or fibbing about how I feel about something. The flip side of this is, if you ask me if you look good in your new dress and I say yes, I really think you look good in your new dress, and you know I mean it.

3. I love vinegary foods, I affectionately call them "foods that fight".

4. One of my secret career aspirations has always been to be a nun. Which is ridiculous considering I am not at all religious and am known to say very off-color things just for effect. 

5. I love any film from the late 70s-early 80s in which characters appear often in leotards and they dance.

6. I want to live in the country, I want a country house with tons of birds at tons of berry trees and feeders all morning. This house should have, nay, WILL have many acres so I can listen to the wind in the trees. 

7. I love jazz. Love love jazz. Love Milt Jackson. Love Stan Getz. Love jazz. All the time. Love it.

8. I cannot stand celebrities unless they are dead. I genuinely do not care what famous people are wearing or doing, it's terribly boring to me in every way. 

9. I love good bourbon. I also love excellent gin. Blanton's. Hendricks. Yes please.

10. I love listening to classical liturgical music of the, especially medieval polyphony, I used to fall asleep to chants by Hildegard von Bingen (which is like female Gregorian chants) and my best friend, whose room was across mine, thought it was really quite freaky. I really just love classic music immensely, I played the violin for over 15 years so perhaps that was the beginning of the love affair...

I'd like to pass this tag on to the following ladies:
1. Amy from Gulping Beauty
2. Sarah at Oh Kirby!
3. Reilly at Cici Speaks


reilly said...

Ooh, exciting! I love you for #3 and I totally agree with you on #8! I guess it is a little hypocritical because I do have my favorite stars of the past, like Rosalind Russell or Bing Crosby, but maybe it's because the celebs of today are such a different beast than the people of yesteryear who were actually talented. ;)

sarah said...

Ditto what Reilly said, modern famous people just don't compare! It always annoys me when modern celebrities are compared with old Tom Hanks being compared to James Stewart or new singers being compared to Frank Sinatra. The celebrities of the past just have something that modern ones don't have.
And I agree with you on #10, I love mediaeval music as well. :)

AlicePleasance said...

#1 and #6: me too! So nice to know some "secrets" about you :-)

ambika said...

My boyfriend introduced my to Woodford Reserve. Few bars here carry it, tho!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

That picture is adorable! I love vinegar so much too. Sometimes when I'm done eating my cukes soaked in vinegar I have to just drink a little of it cause it's so yummy! #4 made me laugh and #6 ME TOO! Have a great week, Lauren!

Anonymous said...

What creative secrets! So fun to learn more about your personality outside the world of vintage!

amy (sacky) said...

I did it!

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