Monday, August 31

Summer's last bits

This week will be beautiful, it will feel like summer's last hurrah. The nights will be perfectly chilly for sleeping and the days all in the mid-70s. I know I will be trying to wear every dress fit for summer that I own that I have not worn yet. This dress notwithstanding, it's quite possibly the easiest dress to wear, it's like a daytime nightgown, gauzy cotton, super soft, no waistband and two soft layers. I love all of the super soft 1970s cotton, gauze, crochet, knit, pale garments, and unlike most other style/eras of clothing it doesn't really have a bonefide name that one can search. If you want a 1950s dress there is a vocabulary you can access to search for one, likewise with 1960s, mod,hippie,1930s, flapper, etc. But this whole super-natural, sort of bohemian, natural fiber, pale and easy way of dressing is without a name. When I search on Etsy looking for something like this dress, or one of the many pale cotton 1970s blouses I have I am always stuck as there isn't a surefire way to search knowing I'll find what I am looking for. Perhaps it makes all the garments that I have like this, all the more special.


Brittany Noel said...

Here's to a week of summer dresses!

michelle said...

that dress is beautiful lauren... don't ever ever ever sell it!


Q's Daydream said...

wow, that dress is perfection!

Holly said...

I absolutely love that! It's so soft and dreamy. That's a run-through-a-field-of-wildflowers dress if I ever saw one!

Bettina said...

Oh my gosh, i LOVE this dress! I think I'd kill for it.. ;)

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