Monday, August 17

Setting the bar

Three Texan girls, Lauren, Lola and Anna have done what I always want someone to do. All three of them (all friends) found something to love in the Dear Golden shop and bought it. When they all received their packages they planned a gathering whereupon they would wear their Dear Golden item and shoot photos. I could just kiss them for doing it (and so well!), Anna is a photographer and the result of the photoshoot is just more than a girl running a shop could ask for. They all look so lovely and the only wish I have is that I were able to have been at their little party! Thank you Anna, Lauren and Lola!!

All three of these lovely women have their own blogs too, so you can get to know them here:
Anna at Anna Routh Photography
Lauren at Blue Eye Brown Eye
Lola at LolaKWrites


Caitlin said...

I just found your Etsy store and I love it!

Claradevi said...

These are pretty! I'm glad for you, your shop is so wonderful and that's why people just really love it you don't even realize how much. Congratz! :)

littlebyrd said...

This is SO great!

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