Sunday, August 2

Mental Health Sunday

Today was a sort of harkening back to the days before I had a vintage shop. I used to do so many different things - but now life seems an endless stream of photographing, editing, packing, shipping and vintage shopping; don't get me wrong I do love it. But it was blissful today to be able to leisurely grocery shop, run, get a yoga practice in and bake a batch of cookies. Cookies! These are amazing. What's amazing is yes, they taste amazing, but they are without sugar (sweetened with maple syrup) and without dairy (they emply coconut oil instead). They are full of oats and carrots and are almost downright healthy, seriously!
You can find the recipe on one of my favorite sites, 101 Cookbooks.

This weekend closed the summer sale in the shop, though there will still be things suitable
for summer newly listed. There's still a lot of warm left for the coming months!


tracy mitchell said...

omg. i hope those shoes are not my size. i have too many bills to start coveting!

Nicola Graham said...

Yum cookies! These look great. I love the white dress with the bow - so pretty.

leila wylie said...

You always find the best shoes!

Claradevi said...

Beautiful items! And thank you for the link - my mom gets hyper when I told her about the recipes :))

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Yep, I can relate to this. :) We live on a lake and I've only been on it once this summer. It really hasn't been "swim" weather, but still...pathetic.

I've had the 101Cookbooks site in my favorites for awhile; I need to cook something from it! The cookies (and the vintage) look delish.

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