Friday, August 21

Mad Men Style in Handmade News

My first (and perhaps my last, who knows?) guest contributor article was published in Handmade News today. So exciting! Mimi at Handmade News was kind enough to ask me to write a little article and also pick looks for each of the main female characters on the show. I am sure you can guess how fun it was, I could do this sort of thing all day long! To read the article, just click the photo.


AlicePleasance said...

Congrats! And how fun indeed! Love Betty's outfit :-)

labonnefemme1 said...

Great article! And that you had all the right pieces for all of the looks just proves that you too are timeless Lauren! I have never read your favs...Hendricks! My favorite also..cucumbers and rose petals Yum!

jarsika said...

Wow wow double WOW! Woo Hoo. Good for you! :)



tara-lynn said...

oh how lucky, what a fun concept!
i'm curious whose closet of the ladies of mad men would you ravish?

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