Tuesday, July 28

Shop update and all neutraled out

Good morning to the Tuesday that feels like a Wednesday. This week will be too long if I think everyday is the day that comes after it. July is approaching it's end and I feel as though summer has not yet started. We have yet to have a truly hot spell and I am still doing my running outside. I'd like to think that this just means that all the seasons schedules will be protracted and actually we'll have a summer-fall, but that's doubtful; and well, I don't much mind anyway as yesterday I bought some knee high black rubber boots that I pretty much can't wait to sport with a 1930s floral dress, all Land Girl style!

today's outfit:
blouse - thrifted
chunky bauble necklace - thrifted
skirt - thrifted, and it's Max Mara, it's hella nice!
shoes - Me Too, from DSW


These are the newest in the shop...I have a whole giant slew of things I can't wait to post,
if I could just find a big chunk of time to do so!


ScottieinaCanoe said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are wearing today. I think it may very well be my Favorite thing that you have had on since I have been reading your blog. You look Amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Wow today's outfit is stunning!

sarah said...

You always manage to look so lovely in neutral tones! I wish I could wear them better, as I love the chic simplicity of whites, creams, and beiges, but I'm so pale that I just end up all washed out. That Max Mara skirt IS nice! It looks perfect with the white blouse.

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