Thursday, July 9

Pulling back

When I got dressed this morning, my inclination was to add something to this outfit. I felt a little bit like it was lacking "pizazz" if you will. I thought of adding something with color or big pattern to help the textural pattern on the dress and then reconsidered thinking of the outfits I post that I love so much. I always love to see photos of super neutral, sort of minimal getups and it's not always easy for me to do, it takes a certain fashion restraint to leave an outfit sort of minimal, at least for me. But since I love looking at it on others, I am trying to also do it myself.

As a side note, I had a doctor's appointment today, and my doctor, who is very cool, could not believe the whole outfit was vintage. She is so cool that she told me that after I saw her last she visited my shop because my outfits are always "so creative". Of course she is cool, she is a naturopathic doctor who is also a yogi and also a chiropractor!

dress - thrifted
bone necklace - thrifted
shoes - thrifted


halfpastafreckle said...

I love! love! love the robin pix behind you!!! Having a cool yogi doc that likes vintage clothing would make going to the doc a lot easier! Great outfit!

Andria said...

This is a great outfit! The fabric is amazing, and you get an A+ for the perfect accessories. I love your style, so I'm following now. Please come do a 6-piece showcase for EtsyLounge when you feel like it -- you an show one of your own store pieces mixed with 5 other items from other Etsy sellers. Check out the post from Monday, 7/6: Cheers! Andria (tweeting as EtsyLimbo)

jarsika said...

Love love LOVE chunky necklaces like that! Hope everything went okay at the doctor's. I'm trying to find a good naturopathic doctor over here. I'm so sick of the comments I get at the ones I go to.

littlebyrd said...

The outfit look great like that! It is funny, I always have a difficult time in the summer dressing because I love using layers and layers in the cooler months.S o I always feel like something is missing in the summer when I just have on a dress and sandals. I don't really have much jewelry but maybe that is the answer.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

love the dress.

Helen said...

Fabulous dress! It has such a clean, modern look to it, and that necklace gives it the right amount of playfulness and girlishness, I think.

I'm loving your blog, by the way. Looking forward to each and every post.


calivintage said...

oh perfection! you really do pull off the simple outfit so well. and i'm going to visit your shop right now. i spy something i might want if it will fit me!

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