Friday, July 3

Off Guard

Caught off guard today and now trying to reframe the day. Somehow I did not know that my office was closed today and I don't even have to work. But I did not find that out until I drove all the way TO work! And while I am really super happy that I am not working, I am wishing I'd have slept in a smidge AND had a plan for this day off, there is always so much I have to do! Now I feel as though I am playing catch up with my brain to figure out how to "make the most" of this day. But in reality, it might be just what I needed, a day without a plan. At any rate here I am all dresses for work, like a goof!

white t-shirt - thrifted
black tuxedo style vest - Forever 21
flouncy textured skirt - thrifted
leggings - Target
shoes - Seychelles
necklace - ebay

And here are some scenes from around my house this morning,
including breakfast which I am very proud to have eaten!


Leigh said...

I love the little teacup holding what looks like lipsticks and whatnot. Your place is so cute.

littlebyrd said...

Your place is looking beautiful. Enjoy your unexpected day off :)

Grace said...

Your home looks so serene.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

Lovely as always. And good job eating breakfast! I really should give cottage cheese another chance.

I'd love to see more snippets of your home, it always looks so beautiful and put-together.

Angel said...

Hope you had a great day!

Katherine said...

Your house is lovely! :D

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