Tuesday, July 7

Little Byrd Vintage in action!

My items arrived today and it felt just like Christmas, only better, because I got to open my presents while outside on my deck in the sun! I got the little glass box and filled it with my own empty wooden spools, as Little Byrd did in her shop. The two silhouttes I thrifted today, along with the shelf!

The smallest glass box is from Little Byrd Vintage, and the larger one I found today while thrifting.

Both the shelf and the rustic hook wall hanging are from Little Byrd Vintage, and the
glass bottles I unearthed from my basement where they'd been living for many years.


un bel oiseau said...

Oh i love little byrd vintage, sometimes i have to step away from my computer to not buy anything! haha. great finds!

littlebyrd said...

Oh man ~ everything looks so great! I love how you hung those two in your bathroom. Loving your necklaces on the antique piece. And what treasures you found yesterday thrifting!! You're very sweet to post about this. Thank you :)

Helen said...

Wow, Little Byrd is new to me, but now I'm hooked! Your wall vignettes are absolutely delightful and so, so charming. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the shelf and all of its contents in the first picture!! It's very inspirational :)

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