Thursday, July 23

Julie Christie

I have always had a little lady-crush on Julie Christie and still I am not entirely sure why, I mean, yes, she is beautiful, but not in a very obvious or arresting way, her beauty seems subtle, strong and intense to me. She is slightly steely and just appears a woman who can really take care of herself, which I think is very attractive. I saw her first in Dr. Zhivago when I was just a kid and something just stuck, it could have been the styling and oddly muted colors of the film, but there was something in her icy blue eyes and serious mouth that really had an effect on me. Then in Darling, she's completely different, have you seen Darling? See it! Swingin' London at it's best!


Bug said...

She is very pretty in an interesting way. I am going to check out that movie - love movies about London during that time.

Vivi said...

Love your post! I've had a lady crush on her since I saw Dr. Z. I always thought she had the best lips - not big and pillowy, but strong and full. Or, as you said, serious.

Kimberly D. said...

Shes got broader shoulders and strong arms too, like me. It sure was nice when it was socially more acceptable for women to have a little more meat on their bones.

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