Sunday, July 12

Hot Summer Nights

My good friend Amy has just arrived stateside from her artist residence in Budapest and her sweet as sugar husband threw her a little party to welcome her home. It was a hot hot day so I knew just what I would wear. I've been waiting one of two things to happen before I wore this dress - it either needed to be quite a hot day here in Michigan, or I needed to be in Miami. This dress just says Miami to me in every way.

Amy started a blog while in Budapest, and plans to keep it up, which is fun for me because although she lives within' "spittin' distance" of my house, it's a whole different thing to read someone's blog, I think. You can read it here: Gulping Beauty.

Her aforementioned "sweet as sugar" husband also has started a vegan cooking blog that is too damn hilarious. I used to ask him for recipes all the time whereupon he'd email them to me in this very non-traditional recipe style that always had me in stitches. I told him to write a cookbook because not only are they great recipes, it's a hilarious read! The Irreverent Vegan has made it's debut!


jarsika said...

AHHHH! love it! Gotta love those colors. I'm totally telling my friend about that vegan website. :)

ScottieinaCanoe said...

LOVELY dress!

AlicePleasance said...

Great dress, it screams summer!

catherine_sr. said...

What a great dress! It goes really well with your coloring, too.

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