Monday, July 6

Fresh Weekend

I'm a flower farmer! Well, at least I am on a flower farmers tractor and on his flower farm. Yesterday was spent in the very beautiful Irish Hills area where both sets of parents live, the landscape is so different than where we live although it is only one hour away. The Irish Hills area is verdant rolling hills and large fields and not a lot of anything else. We drive our friend to his parents house, his father is a flower farmer and has nearly 100 acres and this totally cool old tractor! Since the Farmer's Market was Saturday he had a ton of left over flowers that he just GAVE me, this entire bin of flowers! I don't even have a enough vases for them all, so I used some Ball jars as well as vases.


I got this great credenza this past week at a thrift shop for $15! I am still hunting for a lampshade for the lamp.

I got this ladderback chair at a thrift store this week for $30 and it's the new signature piece I am using to
inspire the style switchover I am doing in my house. The chair pretty much sums up what I am going for
- simple, natural, and minimally rustic. Sort of French country home meets Shaker meets Scandinavian.
If I can manage to marry these styles, I'll be really happy.

I went to my mom's house I once again found all kinds of things I have had a hankerin' for, such as an antique black clock and these little mounted animal antlers, so she gave them to me and now they live here in MY house! I am a very serious house mode these days, (the pendulum always swings from house mode to fashion mode, and I am at it's mercy always). I brought my mom a bunch of photos that inspired my "home make over" whereupon she decided she wanted to go for the very same style. This is not good because it means all the things in her house that I want to "steal" for this style in my own house, she'll also want. Nonetheless she let me have a whole bunch of stuff that amazingly was on my list. My mom's house is seriously a treasure trove and almost every time I want something, she seems to have it some nook or cranny of her giant house. I could not believe she had the antlers of all things! So once again, instead of clothes I have posted some even more fresh vignettes of the house and it's new elements, and all the free flowers, in action!


Andria said...

Your mom's house has so many things to charm the eye! I'm green with envy over that bin of fresh flowers.
Andria (aka EtsyLimbo on Twitter)

nath said...

oooh, i like. i especially like the peek into your house. so how would you define your (house) style right now?

Vivi said...

That credenza is such a steal!!

jarsika said...

So does this mean you're not moving to that fabulous new location? I can totally understand if you're not looking forward to another move.

Anonymous said...

That credenza is amazing! What are you using it to store? It seems like a pretty versatile piece of furniture.

And what a luxury to have fresh flowers in every room! They look beautiful.


Bug said...

Ohhhh... I love your mom's house - I dream of living in a place like this with such pretty things. Love the flowers!!

calivintage said...

oh so much pretty inspiration. my apartment looks so plain and bare compared to this!

Piglet said...

Your house looks lovely. Those flowers everywhere are just gorgeous.

littlebyrd said...

Loving what you are doing with your house! It is coming together quite well. How great that you can do a little treasure hunting at your mom's place. I bet she loves that!

genevieve said...

Beautiful jealous! And those last two little vases are calling my name...

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