Tuesday, June 2

Two to Wed

Here is a sneak peek of two glorious wedding dresses that will be in the shop soon. I love them both way too much, and I hate when that happens with a dress I can't find any reason to keep. I suppose I could chop the ruffle off the first one and make it just past the knee rendering it wearable to a party or something, but that just seems like a bad thing to do to that dress, it would really make a great wedding dress. The second dress is from the 1950s and fits me like a dream (more sadness!), it's multi-layered as well as pretty seasonless, it would be great for a fall wedding I think though.


Olivia Rae said...

beautiful wedding dresses! wish i had a reason to wear them!

Dawn said...

The second dress is a dream. Absolutely beautiful - - -too bad I am already married.

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