Sunday, June 21

Sunday Scenes

This utterly gorgeous day was spent at and near my mother's house which is in a very VERY small town in Michigan. We went to this pretty amazing bar/restaurant that made no attempt at advertising on the outside of the building how super neat it is on the inside. Thing is, I am fairly certain that no one that was working there even thinks that the place is neat at all, but look, it is! So neat! It's like a lodge or something, and there's no real reason for it. The place seems very stuck in time in the best way.

On the way to my mom's there is a little horse farm and today ALL these horses were out, countless horses and colts! I was so happy to have brought my camera. The young horse in the photos was the only young horse of the bunch who wanted anything to do with us. But as you can see from him peeking from behind the giant weed, he *just* wasn't sure if he wanted to meet us at all...


Maizie Designs said...

Sounds like such a great day. Thanks for sharing those photos. I agree stuck in time but in the best way possible!

Mars said...

what a GREAT place! love these photos :D horses happen to be my favorite animal so i am particularly excited about those ones!

littlebyrd said...

So very cool! What a fun day :)

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