Wednesday, June 10

Opposite of yesterday

Since I spent yesterday in a nearly 100 year old blouse I thought that some serious comfort was in order today. It's also a little chilly (which I am none to happy about). I also was up pretty late last night doing more organizing to the shop, this weekend I got a bunch of much needed hangers from a yard sale. Despite that I realize that I need many more, and I also realized I need to take a hard look at my real closet and put many dresses into the shop, I cannot believe how many dresses I have amassed through the years, even with all my obsessive weeding and giving so much away. The guest room once again looks like a vintage store exploded and the cats think that all the piles of clothes are little beds just for them. I expect I'll get to it by the end of the week, although I would really just love a little mythical creature like the one on this t-shirt to come and magically deal with all of the garments. Maybe my new iPhone has an app for that!

military inspired jacket - Walter, but thrifted
t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
jeans - Top Shop
shoes - DSW
gold heart necklace - thrifted


And on the flip side of getting RID of clothing I have discovered a new designer that I totally love to bits. Danish based designer, Sofie Olgaard puts out great simple, monochromatic, understatedly elegant clothing that anyone can wear anyday of the week. I just love the colors and the sweet not overly feminine details, but just enough. I am most keen on that cross back dress in the first photos.


tenthings. said...

Adorable outfit on you! You look like a British rocker's wife. I love that military jacket and vintage rock tee.

Absolutely love the back of that dress! I would totally wear that. Her designs are soooo pretty.

Thanks for sharing! Kerri

Kyla Roma said...

Such beautiful detail on the jacket - I want! A perfect combination, as per always = )

ScottieinaCanoe said...

I love the outfit. I have almost the same identical military/nautical style jacket :) I agree about that little strappy back dress...that looks like heaven to wear

Poke Salad Annie said...

i adore that tshirt!

nath said...

the thought of your guest room is giving me palpitations. it sounds like heaven (to me)

i really like the high-waisted dress, i can imagine it'd be a very flattering wear. love.

Aurélie Muller said...

i love the last outfit! what elegance!

Grace said...

Agreed about the cross back dress.

Love Grace.

Brooke Ahana said...

oh adorable I want grey dress #2 - drop waist - it is a gem and would be great for the trip I'm leaving on this evening..

theministryofstyle said...

i love the first one - it´s greate
best regards from Hamburg - Germany

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Love your outfit... :)

and that designer... lovely! Thanks for the introduction!

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