Saturday, June 27

New Obsession: Beaded Statement Necklace

It was Coco Chanel who advised women to remove one accessory before leaving the house and well, if you wear a statement necklace you needn't worry about wearing any other accessory at all. I have always loved "statement" necklaces, but lately I have been really loving them, which is great because I also reached a point this weekend where I realized I really do have way too many clothes and shoes and cannot buy anymore, but I CAN buy more jewelry! Much easier to make room for! I am currently on the hunt for a chunky vintage beaded necklace just like the pink one at the top, but in bright yellow or even a deep cobalt blue (so hard to find!). I am in a wedding this summer and am wearing a bright rhubarb pink dress and would love a giant vintage chunky yellow necklace to pair with it. I am combing Etsy and eBay for my perfect beaded statement necklace, and the hunt really is part of the fun! All three of the necklaces above are my own...

and these below are at Etsy.

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taigalikesyou said...

i have a necklace like these.
it used to me my nanas. :)

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