Tuesday, June 9

My prettiest blouse

My most vintage. My most delicate. My most special. Mon chemisier plus préféré. In fact, I can hardly believe I dane to wear it. It is nearly 100 years old, made of silk and yes, I am spending this Tuesday in it. But I will be very careful. I will not eat spaghetti today. I will not use ketchup today. Today I will move more slowly and take care not to get stressed in any way (as not to perspire!). I bought this blouse from Genevieve at Holme, and miraculously this nearly 100 year old blouse a) is in nearly pristine condition, someone took VERY good care of their clothing and b) fits me perfectly, more than perfectly, quelle chance!
hat - antique store
blouse - Holme
pencil skirt - thrifted
shoes - leftover from high school musical days!


Laura Trevey said...


nath said...

wowzers, as i'm sure they said 100 years ago, that is one really really beautiful blouse.

genevieve said...

That is so great on you! SO SO great! I can't say how happy I am that is has a good home...XO

Mars said...

wow, you're right, AMAZING blouse! i love how you incorporated it :)

un bel oiseau said...

Indeed, this is fantastic. I would fear myself if I were to wear it!

Sunder said...

In love this outfit!! Wow!!

AlicePleasance said...

The hat!!! I want it!!!

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