Monday, June 15

It happened!

Summer, summer happened! Finally, this morning I could wake up and get out of bed half nekky and barefooted and not be cold! I've waited a long time for this am am celebrating it by leaving the house sans sweater. But as I got dressed today I noticed I lack something, a wide black belt. I am well covered in the wide BROWN belt catagory, but for some reason don't have a black one. I think maybe I think a black one is too "tough" or something whereas brown ones are more ummm, friendly. At any rate, I did have this olive green one which saved the day and actually probably works better than a black one would have.

black silk tank
olive leather wide belt
balsam bead necklace
summer stripe cotton-linen pants
strappy platform sandals
ALL thrifted!


Nolar Dog said...

That's a fab belt and welcome to summer!


natalie said...

Wow, I love this outfit! So chic!

erin said...

cute! love your pants!

nath said...

you are thrifting summer queen! i love the word nekky, we use it too.

cookies+creme said...

i really love those pants and the belt!!! awesome outfit for a summer day!!!

genevieve said...

This outfit rocks my face off.

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

This outfit is way too much fun! Loving that belt!!!!

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