Monday, June 8

I love when this happens.

And it happens a lot. The first blouse is from one of my favorite small designers, Heidi Merrick. The second blouse is from Dear Golden! Well, not really since it still lives in my closet and I am not ready to part with it, but still, I did buy it for the shop. And when I was browsing Heidi Merricks site and gushing over all the great dresses I stumbled upon this blouse and was tickled that I have the almost very same blouse (in cotton no less) in my closet! Thing is, I don't really wear a lot of button up shirts like this, I feel sloppy not tucking them in, but fussy tucking them in, you know?

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Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

it's love! i'm weak for flowers. i'm sure you could do cool tucking them in. i almost died looking at the clothes on that site.

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