Friday, June 5

I am an imaginary bride.

If could find a bride and make her get married in this dress, these shoes and carry this handbag, I'd cry like the bride's mother at that damn wedding. This dress is another one of those colors I want to eat, and I contemplated keeping it, altering it and wearing it, but instead I am going to search high and lo for a bride who'll wear this, and she probably will not invite me to the wedding, but I will demand she sends me photos and I'll cry when I see those.


Olivia Rae said...

those shoes are classic cinderella.

tara-lynn said...

this is a lovely post, i just discovered your blog through anabela (fieldguided), & i just wanted to say, i look forward to it. anyhooo tara-lynn

Gracie said...

If I was a bride I'd let you dress me in that.

Love Grace.

Miss T said...

you look like pretty cinderella. :D

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