Friday, May 1

Yes to the yes yes yes!

I love the bejesus out of this whole look. I always love the nautical stripe and love it more paired with the small navy jacket. Yes! If I could only get myself to wear bright lipstick. I put it on and then just feel weird. When I was walking around NYC this weekend I went to MAC and was going to find the perfect shade for me, but the damn store was packed and I waited as long as I could before I just gave up, I saw it as a sign I am not to wear the bright lipstick. BUT, I wanna! I will!

Photos: Nast


Ashita said...

:) can i link you to my blog

muchlove said...

she looks very chic!

platypi said...

I want the bangs!

Anonymous said...

i love it!

littlebyrd said...

This look is one I adore too. I need to get myself a great pair of grey denim, just like you need to find that lipstick! I searched for years and finally ended up with a clinique bonus package color that I LOVE.

AlicePleasance said...

I'm really liking striped tops this year. And bright lipstick, of course :-)

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