Wednesday, May 13

Romantic Poet or Segzy Pirate?

Or can it be both, romantic & segzy pirate poet? I think yes. So today I'll only speak in iambic pentameter and insert a lot of "arrrrrgggghhhhh". This is going to make me look pretty weird at work, but I am pretty sure I look a little weird at work anyway, most people run around in some pretty tragic outfits, wait, I shant call them outfits, I can only call them clothes. However, I have worked in places where the folks dress MUCH worse than here, and to cut everyone a break, I am a pretty harsh critic. Arrrrrrrgghhhh!

On a side note, this morning coming to work I saw this - a large black woman with a large hot mess afro to match walking down the sidewalk with a baby carriage. In the baby carriage was a HUGE, giant, collossal stuffed white tiger which appeared to be totally chillin' in the baby carriage. It almost looked real, I shit you not. And no, I do not live in the inner city, so this scene was way weird, and uh, SUPER AWESOME! A giant white tiger? Word up!

blouse - thrifted in Brooklyn last month, and here I said I would not thrift while in NYC...
jeans - Urban Outfitters cigarette jeans
black classic heels - thrifted, they are also oddly comfy
fierce talon-like necklace - thrifted

my iPod was apparently in a very old school mood today:
Rolling Stones
Gilberto, Jobim & Getz
Van Morrison
The Beatles


katy said...

definitely both!

i hope there wasn't a baby under that tiger.

apriliniowa said...

haha. You must be a magnet for the out of the ordinary run-ins with rugged, leather-clad motorcyclists daintly putting honey in their coffee and hot 'fro messes pushing stuffed animals around town. Love it. But I think romanctic poet is in order here. We have a friend that wanted to go white water rafting in CO. last year dressed as pirates with swords and hats but it, sadly, rained that day and we returned to Iowa the next day. Would have been fun though & our son was beyond hyped.

greanbeens said...

Well i guess black people with afros only live in the inner city. Interesting.

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