Tuesday, May 19

It's not even close to being Saturday.

In my half-awake state this morning I was sure it was Saturday, how I do not know since it's not even close to being Saturday, but nonetheless my brain told me it was, so I slept and slept, and awoke with a cat shaped like a little hovercraft on my chest and another between my feet, so needless to say I REALLY wanted it to be Saturday so I didn't have to disturb the little beasts.

sweater - thrifted
necklace - thrifted
skirt - thrifted and hemmed by me
shoes - thrifted

Question - are these outfit posts getting boring because I just list all the items and they are always thrifted? Because I can just stop with the little list. Or hey, maybe my outfits are just plain getting boring? I know my hair is boring, but I am growing it out so nothing can be done, also I have always hated doing my hair. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees, so I am asking you, readers, to help me see these trees.


Olivia said...

not boring at all- you're so cute and your clothes are amazing!!

Kyla Roma said...

As an avid thrifter I love seeing your thrifed finds, you're one of my favourite blogs- not boring in the least!

AlicePleasance said...

Not boring! I like to look at your nice outfits :-)

Anonymous said...

Noo, your outfits are lovely :)

diana said...

i am TOTALLY inspired by your outfit posts. i know i just started reading your blog recently, but PLEASE don't stop posting the outfits!

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