Tuesday, May 26

I can't seem to take this off

When I arrived home from my trip up north I had a package waiting for me, and in it was this adorable sweater I bought off Etsy from a shop called Doux Vintage, I put the sweater on immediately, wore it the next day and am wearing it again today. This is really something for a gal who rarely ever wears the same thing twice! I just can't love it anymore, its light enough for warm weather, but warm enough when it cools off too.

And on a side note, just because I am SO horribly excited, while hiking yesterday, I stuck my hand out near a bramble full of chickadees and one landed on my hand!! I nearly fainted with joy.


tenthings. said...

too cute!, you, that is!

Poke Salad Annie said...

that sweater is marvelous! so fun!

nath said...

oh, it's so darling! perfect for this time of year!

Gracie said...

So sweet!


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