Wednesday, May 6

The Always & Nevers

I am starting a thing, here, me, starting a thing and I will tag some folks, everyone loves this tagging deal, right?
Heh heh. Anyway here's the deal:

It's called the ALWAYS & NEVERS
List 5 fashion always-es (things you always like or cannot do without) for YOU personally and conversely list 5 nevers (would not be caught dead in) for you personally. Now let's stick to fashion because we all know how this could bleed far away from fashion easily. Then tag 3 bloggers. And post any kind of photo you want, I have my mom and I looking cool back in the day.


natural fibers
romantic blouses

sweatpants (esp. if there is writing on the butt!)
handbags with "bling"
ribbed sweaters
sunglasses with huge brand logos on the side


And I'll be tagging 5 get this party started.

Naomi at Rockstar Diaries
Genevieve at Tell You Today
Tracy at Vintage Found
Jessica at What I Wore
Rebekah at Little Byrd Vintage


Dream Sequins said...

LOL to the handbags with bling! This is a cute idea, and I love the old-fashioned photo booth. Wish they would bring those back!

tracy mitchell said...

oh ribbed sweaters. why do you even exist?
cute idea. i'm compliling my list - the nevers are the hardest! said...

Oh, Gawd, sweatpants. Could we start some sort of mass revolt where we remove them from all stores and closets in the world???? Ahhh, dreaming of a sweatpants-free society...

genevieve said...

You forgot Crocs. In the Nevers. Or does that go without saying?

amy said...

OK, me now!

woven bags, satchels, etc.
mixed metals
champagne (the color)
v-neck t-shirts
snake rings

baseball caps
jewelry with bells on it (think annoying hippy anklets)
clear bra straps
patterned polyester shirts
Capri pants that flare out at the calves

littlebyrd said...

Oh - I love it! This will be fun. And it gives me something to post about because I have a major case of bloggers block.

caroline said...

i totally agree with both your lists.

naomi megan. said...

i second your lists. i'd also add to the "never" section: leggings or tights as pants. boooo.


vintagepetals said...

My my, our nevers would be exactly the same...

anabela / fieldguided said...

I just did this -- I didn't realize you invented it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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