Wednesday, May 6

All new

Well ALMOST all new - it's a rare day when all the things I am wearing are new and non-vintage or thrifted. But today is one of those days, with the exception of the scarf, that's thrifted. Why is it that I feel sort of guilty when I wear all new clothes? Feels weird; I feel like I am more faceless, nameless and unimaginative. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Thankfully, it doesn't happen often!

Top - H & M Organics
Jeans - BDG, Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Me Too, Zappos
Scarf - thrifted


Anonymous said...

you look really pretty. i like the lipstick :)

tracy mitchell said...

it's totally strange isn't it? i think it's especially weird since i remember i used to feel funny if something i was wearing wasn't very new. like 'i bought it at the mall but it was almost a year ago. ewww.'
your new outfit is lovely...i want that top.

Rebecca said...

Very pretty and simple outfit! I feel that way too when I realize I'm wearing all "new" clothes - especially if it's something like an entire outfit from Target. Embarrassing! haha..

Sadie said...

I love that top! I think its always nice to add a little twist to an outfit - especially interesting vintage items or accessories!

I've added your blog to my blogroll :)


rejenerate said...

I know what you mean! You feel like you're straight from the cookie cutter. But gotta say you look pretty damn cute anyway! x

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