Tuesday, April 21

Ode to Accessories

Oft overlooked, I feel like accessories can totally make an outfit, and while you don't really have to have a giant wardrobe (who I am talking to?! I am overwrought with clothes!), you can make a smaller wardrobe go a lot further with accessories. They take up less closet space, cost less and come in all sorts of forms! I am working to have more accessories in the shop because I understand these are hard economic times so maybe girls want to buy themselves something, but not an expensive something and also accessories make great presents! These are some that I plan on getting in the store before I head off for vacation on Thursday.


littlebyrd said...

These are all so cool. I am not a jewelry wearer but I love fabric accesories like scarves and bags so this is right up my alley.

Frankie said...

Good scarf work! x

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