Friday, April 17

The miracle of an organized closet

Closet #1 - apparently my personal homage to the white (or at least pale) blouse.

Closet #2 - shoes, dresses and jacket type dealies

Coat & Handbag closet

The long awaited and much antipated day has come and nearly went! The closets are finished and my clothes now get to live in a proper home. Nevermind that I had to weed out much more than I already had, it's no fault of the closets that I need an extra annex on the house for my clothes. I weeded out an entire garbage bag of shoes and 3 bags of clothing (this after the initial, preliminary weeding). Much of the clothing and shoes are vintage and will just end up in the shop. I still have a bin of summer dresses without a home though, I am not sure how to reconcile that, I have sifted all I can and I want to keep all the others! I think if I wear some of them once it will be enough, but many have not even had their first wear, so it might be a while before all the dresses get to live in the closet. This process has really illustrated to my just how much of a closet habit I have. Not to mention, it seems I have a REAL thing for white/pale blouses, until I decided to organize the blouses by color I had no idea just HOW much I loved a white blouse!


platypi said...

You've slightly inspired me to clean my closet...I am sure you are exhausted! I have never seen so many coats!

Doshii said...

wow i should draw inspiration from your excellent organisational skills.

i'm in awe Miss Lauren!
p.s i really like your blog

littlebyrd said...

Wow! It looks so great! I love how you've organized by color and type - I do that :)
Good luck finding the extra space for your dresses. How about boxing your winter coats for the summer and using that space?

Frankie said...

This look absolutely amazing! Good work, miss x

Rachael Kearley said...

I have insane closet envy right now! You must be so relieved to not have your loves lying all around on the floor.

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