Friday, April 3


Look! It's the new couch. I know it seems like this blog is becoming all clothing and furntiure, but it's just what's happening right now and also I am really into interiors and doin' up the house, so that is just what's bubblin' up. The couch was sooooo far away, 2 hours and I am pretty relieved that I love it. It is a light oatmeal color with a very natural texture, like hemp almost. It's so late 70s-early 80s, perfect! It's not easy to find a decent sectional that isn't so hideous, made of that shite microfiber upholstery or just plain crazy expensive, so this sectional was worth the haul to get it.

Blouse: thrifted recently and nearly yelped. It's mustard yellow silk with black button placket and diagonal tonal yellow stripes. It's feels like heaven on and is totally chic and drapey. I could really build a better outfit around it, but its a rainy Friday and I'll be sitting at my desk all day only to come home and iron tons of garments for tomorrow's photoshoot so no need to get dressed any more than this.

Also I would like to post today just a few things I have decided to keep for now, they are minesies! Is this ALL I have kept, oh no no no...not even close, but it's some recent ones and ones I wanted to share. And you never know they could end up in the shop, the blouse I wore just yesterday is going to be!

The Diaphanous Cupcake Blouse

Nutmeg Leather Heeled Brogues

Seniorita Ruffle Blouse

The New Blue Suede Shoes


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

LOVE the pale pink ruffle blouse!

leila wylie said...

Those blue suede shoes are incredible!

Vintage Rose Clothing said...

I loooooove that first ruffled blouse with the black bow!! Adorable!

Frankie said...

All the blouses in this post are dreamy! x

la cuisine bourgeois said...

lucky you! that ruffle blouse is a fantastic find! Thanks for your last comment... yes being a twin in pretty cool...especially since she now lives in NYC and we do a sweep of incredible vintage stores everytime i visit!


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