Monday, April 13

I think I am about to bore you.

It's possible, in my new neutral obsession that my outfits might get quite dull seeming. The thing is, these clothes are so much better in person with their texture and small details, it's not easy to render that here. But nonetheless, I post for you my outfit today, which is all from Ann's estate sale, well, not the boots and belt, but the blouse and gray linen wash jeans are. Chad said I looked a little Dungeon's and Dragons which made me want to change my clothes immediately, but then I was a) running out of time and b) I see something else in the outfit that's entirely different, so there. I wanted to wear those brown strappy platforms, but it's way to cold yet (DYING to wear those!).

Blouse: estate sale
Gray Jeans: estate sale
Boots: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Necklace: gift from Madeline

Music on my ride to work (my iPod seemed to be into electronic music today):
SCSI from Kompakt label compilation
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Vector Lovers


tenthings. said...

Love the platforms! More sexy, understated artist, than D&D, I think. Need to check out your playlist.

Evelyn said...

just discovered your blog and I'm addicted, love all your vintage items and photos.

littlebyrd said...

The platforms are incredible! I will never tire of the neutrals, it is what I am naturally drwan to.

Frankie said...

You look stunning! Those shoes are a perfect fit x

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