Wednesday, April 15

Yes, I own a plantation.

Not really an outfit post, but just some things I found this week that I like a lot. If you can't tell, I really like this hat! I am totally going to shoot for this semi-Plantation look this summer and this hat really kicks it all off. The champagne pink dress is not vintage, but was precious and pretty enough to come home with me, it's light chiffon on the bottom and satin on the top, not something to wear to a BBQ, but summer cocktails? Yup!


littlebyrd said...

I am hearing the theme song to Out Of Africa in my head - one of my faves! Love this look.

Rebecca said...

Love all of these! :)

Tracy said...

that hat is awesome! i have an even larger straw hat just waiting for me to figure out a way to wear it that doesn't make the boyfriend burst out laughing. :)

~h~ said...

I was thinking of 'Out of Africa,' too! Love these colors and the hat. The champagne dress for summer cocktails is my favorite though. Tres jolie.

Frankie said...

You look simply adorable! Such a dreamy look x

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