Thursday, April 9

Don't you love to look back at old photos of your parents or family members and just lust after their clothes? Some of the things my mom wore I would just LOVE to get my hands on. Granted I do get my hands on other mother's things from days of yore, but like, I can't see the outfit my mom is wearing in this photo perfectly, but I know I want it. I also want her super thick hair, which is up in two braids on top of her head like some Teutonic bride, but alas, I got my father's (lame!) hair. At any rate, I love this photot and my brother is totally some kind of cherub I am sure of it.


atlantic treefox said...

i know what you mean. there are so many photos of my mom in awesome clothes. sigh.

Frankie said...

I love that photo too, it's gorgeous! And you're so right, I was looking at a photo from my parent's wedding day, and my mum just looked amazing in it. I might scan it x

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