Sunday, April 19

50s Party Dresses

I am both happy and sad that neither of these fit me. The blue floral dress is one of the best pieces I have ever come across, it's just so easy to love it. It's 100% silk and feels so dreamy and it reminds me of dresses from Anthropology. The lacy dress is the best cream and dark taupe color, so elegant!


Rachael Kearley said...

I love the neckline on the second one, these are super pretty

littlebyrd said...

That second one is just so cool. I am always amazed by the beautiful clothing you find out thrifting. While I find some cute things it is always from someplace like Target or JCrew - mostly never pretty vintage.

Frankie said... x

Mikaela said...

Best dresses for summer season!! I like this blue floral dress...

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