Monday, March 2

Polka Dots

I'm not a huge polka dot fan (as I wrote this I wondering why it's called polka dot...if you are also curious, click here), I am a fan of this dress, the dots are small and the colors are subdude. I love the pleating at the shoulders and the criss-cross at the bust, oh oh, and I always love a little puff sleeve - have for years!


Vanessa said...

i am a huuuuge fan of polka dots!and i love the dress. i would probably cut the sleeves off because i'm not a huge fan of longer sleeves, but it's definitely cute! : )

Madeline said...

im not a huge polka dot person either, but i love how polka dot dresses often have the best pleets.

littlebyrd said...

Look at all of the fabulous things you have added to your shop - Unbelievable finds!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

this dress is bloody adorable! x

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