Monday, March 30

Out of sorts

Day three now of feeling just "off", not sure why, just "off". I was hoping since today was a normal Monday I'd feel more normal, but no. I feel like I need to hit my reset button or something, and I think in my world that's called "do yoga" so after work today that's just what I'll do. I anticipate more time this week as I have banned myself from thrift shopping since I have so much stuff (does that EVER work!?), and will be able to head to both yoga and Pure Barre this week, and hopefully make a big soup, last one of the year as I think we are also under the last of winter.

My outfit is less than stellar, reflecting my sour and all around weird moody feeling. But I won't apologize for the outfit, if I start doing that I'd be apologizing a lot thereby rendering my apologies a bunch of hot air! And yes, my hair is always looking the same and that is because I sort of hate it and am growing it out so it lives in the little nubby bun for weeks on end!
Sweater - love this teal, nubby, drapy sweater that I thrifted
Necklace - I have a small collection of god heart necklace, I have always loved them, even my cat The Soph has one!
Jeans - JCrew, and love them to death, they make a boring outfit totally unboring!
Boots - thrifted, and waited such a long time to find them!
Belt - thrifted, and with the yellow jeans makes a pink grapefruit sort of effect that I love!

Music on my way to work (was as odd as I feel):
Daniel Wang
Loose Fur
Greg Brown
Joni Mitchell
Alexander Scriaben


And um, the new Andrew Bird album is soooooo wonderful!
He's not only a total babe, but makes the most sensitive, creative, delicate and
musical songs that I can listen to just about any time.


Anonymous said...

i know exactly what you mean! i was thinking i need to do some yoga today too. or go shopping. or just take a non-moody pill. one minute i am happy the next i want to lay in bed. Silly.

McCall said...

Hi Dear Golden! I love your store and blog. . Just wanted to say hi. And that I hate my hair right now too. Growing out is such a depressing state of mind.

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