Saturday, March 28

My Favorite Coat

I think I wore my favorite coat last night for the last time before next winter. It may have been a bit too warm for it even, but I needed to wear it just one more time. Went out for my favorite cocktail as well, the White Spider. I got the coat maybe 4 years ago or so and it's super heavy wool with a high collar, it's kind of like a Civil War coat or something. I also think it's a little boy's coat as the pockets are up oddly high. It's ma fayvvvrite!


DejaBlonde Vintage said...

Oh that is an adorable coat. I can tell the wool is high quality. thanks for sharing :)

Andrea Eames said...

That is the most beautiful coat, and I love the red bow you've tied at your neck.

deborah jean vintage said...

waaaaaaay cute. of course. yes, let's thrift together and really drive the grannies batty! it would be hilarious. :)

Frankie said...

That is so bloody brilliant. You look so lovely x

Anonymous said...

really cute :)

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