Thursday, March 5

Holy Owls and Cats!

I love cats. I love owls. I love collage! Um....look at that collage!! I love it it's glorious, but it also makes me sad and unsettled! I mean, that can happen, and wonderful but creature-eating owl *could* steal your cat for dinner! Ok, wait, I am going to reframe this and pretend that cat is lost and away from home and the owl is just giving him a "ride" back home. And the owl looks ticked because the owl has had to take this kitty home too many times, this kitty just keeps going back into the forest because he thinks he is an owl. The owl is a very rule abiding owl and will not put up with this fence jumping by the cat. There. I feel better. And can go on loving this amazing piece of art! Click the image to read more about it at the Etsy Storque.

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