Friday, March 6


Can I just say THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog and everyone who visits the Dear Golden shop? I never expected anyone to pay any attention to me and spend precious time reading my thoughts. I am always surprised to find someone else is reading this blog and I am so grateful, it's funny how "warm" this otherwise impersonal blogosphere can be!

All I can say today is that it's a totally fantastic day for a laundry list of reasons:
1. It is 60 degrees and I don't have to wear a coat, the sun is shining and I have the windows in house and shop wide open with cats in them looking out.
2. My brother's fiance figured out something immensely useful to me regarding a computer issue.
3. The women at the thrift store thought I was like 10 years younger than I am, and I put on this heavy necklace whereupon one woman remarked, "well at least you won't blow away in the wind now...".

4. This same thrifting trip supplied such a bounty of ankle boots a woman asked if I was "doing a play". Very astute summation though!
5. Angie, of
The Weekness and I Heart Norweigian Wood (on Etsy) included me in a blog post and totally blew my mind with how nice she was to do so. Also her fringe necklaces are top notch, check out her Etsy shop.
6. Did I mention that it's warm and sunny?

7. One of my oldest friends, from 4th grade is coming over tonight!
8. I am not at work!

9. Today is the first of 4 I have not had a migraine!


~h~ said...

I'm over the moon with springtime happiness, too. Glad the shop is going well for you! I enjoy your blog and goodies myself. Have a fabulous weekend! p.s. friends from elementary school are the absolute best. :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I totally sympathize with the migraines...glad you are getting a break today. Lots of that good ol' vitamin D doesn't hurt either! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm learning the benefit of gratitude too! And I'm always so thankful for Dear Golden. *chuckle* Me - thankful. Closet? Groaning.

Frankie said...

I love your shop, I love your blog and I love you, Lauren! Keep up the great work x

Leigh said...

Love your etsy shop but just realized you have a blog! Last time I got a boat load of shoes at the thrift store the lady at the counter said, "wow, how did you find so many that fit you?!" I didn't want to tell her I was planning on selling them so I said some were for my sister, ha! Silly, but that was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

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