Monday, February 16

Lookbook Part 3

Last of the Lookbooks that were leftover from last spring, I think I have inspired myself into compiling some new looks! I am interested in some things this spring that I wasn't last spring. Big time florals being one thing, I know I will sport them this spring. I really loved them during the second half of last summer, some people were very dubious as to the fashion validity of all-over floral prints, some friends thought I was pretty entertaining in my search for perfect 1990s floral dresses...(I won't be too surprised if I see some of these folks dressed in pretty floral dresses come June!). I do have this magnificient peach and black floral jumpsuit (tank top, cropped cinched pantlegs, so hot), that I am pretty sure no one loves but me. I saw the little gem in the closet this morning and just can't wait until that hot summer day when I assault someones fashion taste by wearing it - I love it!

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Frankie said...

I love jumpsuits! Rock it, Lauren! x

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