Wednesday, February 18

Italian Lace

Not sure why wedding dresses keep making their way into my blog (perhaps because my best friend, Madeline is getting married this August), but anyway, I always loved those all over Italian lace wedding dresses and since I am already married I was really happy when I found my own non-bride version of the cream lace dress. It's light as air, and seems almost too delicate to wear, but alas here, you can see I not only wear it, but allow a clan of small dogs to lay all over it! Best thing about the Italian lace garments, they really are all season appropriate. I have a this little black lace top I'll be posting soon.


Darrah said...

I bought a vintage dress off Ebay hoping it would fall into this lace trend, however, it just fit too tight! I still really like the lace look though!

Frankie said...

That dress is stunning! And your dog is adorable! x

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