Tuesday, January 27

Winter Secret (warning, non-vintage!)

So my closet is mostly vintage, almost all of my coats are also vintage, and as we who love to wear vintage know, vintage coats are NOT always the warmest. They are lovely indeed, but as far as functionality is concerned, well, they leave you...cold. In fact today I am wearing the MOST wonderful black cashmere late 1950s coat with a large cream fur collar, that is so divine, yet so not warm. Here I am in it at Christmas with my beautiful friend Madeline (who by the way is wearing this charming coat that is up for grabs on my Etsy site):Well, I have the solution! And no it's not a fleece
(I dislike that fleece material so so much).

The secret is this 100% wool under jacket I bought this year. It's from Title Nine. It's called the Thermostat Jacket, by Smartwool. And it renders ALL your cute vintage coats completely wearable in the coldest of weather. The "jacket" is very thin and lightweight so it won't add bulk under your coat and it is VERY soft (I am super sensitive to wool and this is NOT itchy). Now it's on sale and yes it's expensive, but then, how smart is it to leave your cutest coats in the closet all winter long?


Frankie said...

Wow - you look ever so glamorous, Lauren! x

deedoubleyou said...

thats genius!!! great idea.
and i love your coat :) so pretty

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