Tuesday, January 15

Dear Golden Bridal ♥ no. 1

This year the Dear Golden Bridal collection will be the most fetching yet! The first wave has been photographed and edited and it will be trickling into the shop in the coming weeks. All the while I'll be photographing and editing the rest of the racks of pretty wedding dresses I have been saving for the weddings of 2013. Vive l'amour! 

What's in stock now? SHOP DEAR GOLDEN BRIDAL


Kay @ Slightly 0bsessed said...

*swoon* They're all so beautiful! I love vintage wedding gowns!

Anonymous said...

would it be weird to buy one and just wear it around the house when one feels a little down?

Kate Jenkins said...

Just bought one of these beauties for my wedding! Cannot wait to see it! x

benilhalk said...

I have been looking for a perfect wedding dress for my destination wedding since long. We booked one of gorgeous wedding venues Los Angeles but couldn’t decide with traditional dresses for wedding. Seems having a tough time at it.

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