Saturday, November 14

I hosted a clothing exchange last night so it's nice to wake up this morning to a house 5 bags of unwanted clothes lighter. Clothing exchanges are sort of perfect; everyone wins - you get rid of clothes you don't want and you get free clothes you do want and you also get to hang out with a bunch of friends! I am not sure how other gals do their exchanges but the ones at my house are sort of like a giant, free for all, grab bag deal. We throw all the clothes in big piles and everyone just sifts and sifts, tossing cool finds to the group or keeping them for oneself. Add some wine and some music and it's a pretty awesome way to spend a Friday night!

chocolate wool cardigan/jacket - thrifted, but from Anthropologie
velvet muted jeweltone skirt  - Lola Vintage
tights - Target
socks - Maggie's Organics
boots - thrifted
gray chinchilla fur brooch - vintage/antique store


Katy said...

Oh, that has always sounded like such a fun idea!

caramelizedvintage said...

A clothing exchange sounds fun! Can't wait to see the new clothes you acquired! I love your boots and that jacket!

Lindsay said...

Poo Poo I missed it.

Brittany Noel said...

Definitely sounds like last night was awesome! I love this outfit, perfect autumn feeling. And it's so warm today!

katthroatworld said...

cool! i have yet to have my first clothing swap experience, but sounds exciting!

jarsika said...

Fabulous IDEA! I'm so having a clothing exchange. Just fabulous.



P.S. Love the brooch!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

Lauren! That skirt looks great on you. Thanks so much for the link. I love the fitted blazer top too.

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