Thursday, October 22

Janne Peters Photography

I am not much of a photographer, I never really took photos at all until I opened the shop. But because I do take so many photos now I am developing a new interest in photography itself. I am dubious that this interest can really take hold though, photography has so many technical elements that seems so scary and math-like that I feel like I can never really "get it", too many numbers make this English major pretty ready to jump ship. That being said, I am on the hunt for a new camera lens and am learning little by little all the way. This route to taking better photos has me appreciating the work if photographers in a way I didn't anticipate. Recently I discovered Janne Peters photography and love how it's super crisp and has a sense of lightness to it, not to mention the super cool subject matter...I love the last three, the styling is so great and I really like small depth of field on photos. When we went on our hike today and yesterday I tried to take more macro photos, I tend to think they are more interesting to look at in the end.

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caramelizedvintage said...

What lovely photos! Janne Peters certainly has an eye for textures, patterns, and architecture! :}

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