Tuesday, September 22

Umkempt Elegance

I'm behind, but nonetheless smitten. These images from an Design Sponge post back in March 2009 has me sad that I missed it for I would have loved to spend the summer making my house strike this fantastic balance of ease, organization and unfussiness. I always love small bottles and vessels of randomly picked and spare foliage. If I didn't have actual work to do at my desk, I'd love it to look just like this one! I think I am just going stare at these for days until my brain has sufficiently taken it all in and I can start to make my house look just.like.this.


Brittany Noel said...

I did see this house when it debuted. It's pretty much the most amazing space I've seen. And definitely a look that I would love to emulate. Everything about it is just perfect The flowers, the mirror, the whole kitchen!

littlebyrd said...

OH! I like this too! I just found a tiny curio shelf similar to the one in the third picture but smaller even...I was going to sell it but now I am thinking maybe not.

k.o'brien jewelry said...

agreed! i wish my house looked the same

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