Tuesday, January 22

1920s coats

I am totally, utterly, completely goo-goo ga-ga over 1920s coats. Like when I see them my eyes water and I feel filled with both joy and despair. I want to marry them, eat them, live in them - it's intense. And heartbreaking because they are so rare in the world and if ever there is one available for purchase they certainly aren't cheap, to say the least. 

Above are some of my very favorite coats from my 1920s Pinterest  - which one do you like best?


Rosaspina Vintage said...

Ohh my goodness, THE LAST ONE!!!! *__*
Heartbreaking doesn't even cover it.

Emileigh said...

OH WOW!!! They're amazing!!!
I pretty much like them all. Which makes it worse, haha.

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Oh God. My first thought was, "Am I woman enough to wear one of these coats?" I feel intimidated by them. Is that weird?

Tribe of Two said...

So so gorgeous. I want them all!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Yeppppp cocooon coats are so amazing! :D

Unknown said...

Cool idea for a post, and your Coats For Women choices echo your day-wear wardrobe!

IanKR said...

The green velvet with fur collar and cuffs, hands down.

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