Friday, November 9


A peek at what's been going on in my world this autumn, a season that is far too brief, in my opinion. You can live someplace where it's always summer, you can live someplace where it's always winter, you can even live someplace where it's always spring (-like), but you can't ever live anyplace where it's always autumn; perhaps that's why it is a season so much beloved. 

All these are from my Instagram where I often post things before they make their appearance in the shop or even Facebook, SO, if you're inclined, follow DEAR GOLDEN on Instagram! 


Melissa said...

Great pictures! I really like that plaid skirt.

<3 Melissa

gleeps said...

You look so lovely in that plaid skirt, goldenrod sweater, and chestnut boots. And your tousled hairstyle is great!

Christy said...

I may be addicted to your Instagram feed... (Between adorable Ella, unreal 20's dresses, and vintage sneak peeks, you really can't go wrong.) I'm still waiting for that goose blouse to hit your shop. ;)

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