Tuesday, August 7

a wedding by the river

This past weekend, one of my oldest and very best friends got married in a intimate ceremony in northern Michigan. The wedding took place at a riverside inn that she and her (now) husband own -  a pretty idlyllic setting to say the least. However, it was about 90+ degrees on the wedding day, of course the wedding & reception were outside, and I was out of my dress and into my swimsuit taking dunks in the river more than once throughout the night. 

1930s dress • ebay and has it's flaws but I love it just the same
1930s hat • antique mall


Orchid Grey said...

you two are one hell of a good looking couple, and that dress? gorgeous.

Vintage Tracy said...

Love the dress!

cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration. Love the hats!

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