Friday, October 28

karen dalton

As much music that I seek out and listen to it surprised me to discover someone like Karen Dalton until just recently. She was part of the Greenwich Villiage Folk music scene in the 1960s and Bob Dylan remarked the first time he saw her that "she had a voice like Billie Holiday and played guitar like Jimmy Reed... ".  You can read more about her here.  Take a listen to 'Something on Your Mind", which was covered by The Black Keys


Aimee and Harriett said...

So glad you posted this! She really has the most beautiful voice

Harriett x

tamerajane said...

whoa, I never knew what she looked like. so pretty.

Tara Young said...

Wonderful photos! Here's a link to my fave Karen Dalton video.

Muyserin said...

I am intrigued: by her looks, her style and above all, her beautiful music. Thank you for pointing her out, I had never heard of her.

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